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The Gazetteer for Scotland was conceived by David Munro (of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society) and Bruce Gittings (of the University of Edinburgh) in 1995. Realising the vision of an integrated web-based gazetteer has taken considerable time and much work.

Project Management

  • Bruce Gittings
  • David Munro (until 2000)

System Design & Implementation

  • Mike Forster
  • Bruce Gittings
  • Tom Armitage
  • Alex Bryce (Google Maps)
  • Tomasz Chojnacki (Old counties and parishes)
  • Nick Clark (User interface work)
  • Karen Clarke (Collating Groome entries)
  • Elias Couppe (style and consistency, mapping)
  • Andrew Crooks (Extended mapping)
  • Astha Devra (Android app)
  • Rob Dunfey (iPhone app)
  • Andrew Farrar (PDF tourist guides)
  • Carleen Ghio (User comments, postcards and route maps)
  • David Halsey (Active maps)
  • Chris Harris (LBS pilot)
  • Ryland Karlovich (Climate pages)
  • Michael Loughlin (Genealogy enhancements)
  • Kate Mann (Historical Geographies)
  • Julius Ngeh (Population statistics)
  • Ian Parnaby (Member login section)
  • Simon Ricketts (Pilot Project)
  • Peter Schmiz (Openlayers mapping)
  • Phil Taylor (Tourist guides)
  • Panagiotis Terzis (Various improvements)
  • Paschalis Tsopanoglou (Geoparsing)
  • Jan Weststyn (XML)
  • Dong Xing (Customised mapping)
  • Jie Yang (Events, revised search)

Data Collation, Entry & Quality Control

  • Bruce Gittings
  • David Munro
  • Kenny Macleod
  • Tom Armitage
  • Panagiotis Terzis
  • David Tidswell
  • Alice Froggatt
  • Margaret Wilkes


  • Anona Lyons
  • Christine Brown
  • Keith Morrison (Terrain Maps)

Other Media

  • Bruce Gittings (Photography, Sounds)
  • David Munro (Photography)
  • Kenny Macleod (Photography)
  • Anona Lyons (Photography)
  • Scott Krueger (Scanning)
  • The contributors of regional accents


  • These Entries are dedicated to Robert Alexander (Bob) Scott, a kind and modest man who loved lighthouses. Taken too soon.

  ©1995-2011 The Gazetteer for Scotland
Sponsored by: The Robertson TrustThe Royal Scottish Geographical Society
The Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh