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05 April 2008:
Hello, Please can somebody help me with a query? I am researching my family tree (GLEN) and I have a John Glen born 1846 in Mantzoo, Forfar. Can anybody tell me about Mantzoo please, is it a district of Forfar? I haven't been able to find anywhere of this name. Thank you.
- Clare Broad (

23 March 2008:
Lost touch with my cousin Graham Crombie, Earl street, Scotstoun, Glasgow. Only thing I have of him is a picture of him and his daughters-Lynne and Marion. He was a firefighter and was killed on duty the last I heard in the 1960's. If someone knows anything I'd like to know about his family.
- Bob Brawley (

14 March 2008:
Hello, I am trying to get in touch with my father's family from Orkney. I am searching for the children or grandchildren of Andrew Drever and Louisa Stout. Andrew was born in 1892 in Westray to William and Jane Drever and would be my father's uncle. Obviously he would have passed away by now but I believe he did have children and I would love to get in touch.

My father was John Reid Drever born to Williamina Drever (1901 - 2001), Andrew's sister. My father moved to Canada in 1965 and lost contact with family. Any further information would be apprectiated. Thank You, Sandy Drever
- Sandy Drever (

07 March 2008:
in 1965 i was in Wellington Farm School near Penicuik

i was put there for Care and Protection

my experience there was not pleasant

i witnessed cruelty and bullying which often went unnoticed by the staff

one nasty form that bullying took was "going round the dorm"

house captains had the unofficial power to force a boy to go to each person after lights out to be punched in the face.

dormitories could hold up to 25 boys and getting punched by 25 people is no picnic

i know it was years ago

yet it is a sorry chapter in Penicuik history.

do others have experience in this?


if you want to express your memories

Adam Ingram

Childrens Minister is setting a Forum on historical child abuse

i urge any person with experience to phone him at the Parliament
- Trevor Swistchew (

29 January 2008:

Hi. I've traced my line back to Laurence Lennox dob 6/9/1685 in Kinfauns, Perthshire ( son of a Thomas Lennox. He had a son Laurence 17/3/1734 in Dunbarney who married a Mary Reid and they had 5 children in the Dunbarney area; Dilly b1766, John b1769, Ann 1773-1861, Mary b1776 and Jean b1780.

I'd like to hear from anybody who has some or all of the above in their tree. Were there any censuses, tax records, school records, medical records, etc. of the day back then?

Thank you:) Larry Boyd

- Lawrence Lennox (

04 December 2007:
Hello Folks,

I am researching the Hospital Railway that ran from East Fortune Station for about > mile to the former sanitorium and later asylum hospital

Can anyone please provide any information as to when this line opened and closed, plus any recollections or details of it.

Any material or info gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards from

- Patrick Barnes (

22 October 2007:
I have just come across your website and wonder if any readers can help me with a couple of queries.

Somewhere around the mid-seventies, we holidayed in Scotland - could have been the Dunoon area, but unsure. We visited a house near a loch side, and there were wolves kept in enclosures. It definitely wasn't the wildlife park near Avimore. Can anyone please suggest any other place it could have been?

Also, what would the main route have been from the A74 south of Glasgow to Loch Lomond in the fifties? Would it have gone through Glasgow city centre (in which case, where would it have crossed the Clyde) or round the city and over the Erskine ferry?
- Pat Kilbane (

15 October 2007:
Hi,I was wondering if anyone had any information on the "Polnoon Castle" as I lived on that estate in the gamekeepers house at the main gates. During my time there I can remember there were German POw's kept there but have never read anything about them. can anyone help me fill in the blanks please.
- Bob Kelly (, Yamba N.S.W., Australia

24 September 2007:
I was wondering if anyone knows what the stone pillars at the Kinnaird Castle Lighthouse are for. A cousin sent me a pic and I was just curious.
- Candace Millsop (

22 September 2007:
Hi there. Looking to find a penpal to converse with male or female doesn't matter. Im 54 and very familiar with the Canadian rockies and our vast clear blue prairie sky. Would like to converse with someone knowledgable about your highlands, west coast and celtic music artists. Cheers, William.
- William Davies (, Sundre, Canada

09 September 2007:
Hello, I'm looking to get in touch with Iain Cuthbertson. I was born and raised in Pather, Wishaw then left for the States when I was 8. Iaian's Dad was the Manager for Wishaw Juniours while I was there if that helps to track him down. Thanks.
- James Laughlin (, Stratford, United States of America (USA)

25 August 2007:
Great website. My father John Reid McAlpine was born in Paisley but grew up with his two sisters Jean and Beatrice and one brother James in Clydebank. His brother had a daughter Moira and a son Gordon (my cousins) I was born in Hamilton Ont. Canada and have visited Scotland on many occasions hoping to find my cousins. They would be in their sixties now. They would be within a few miles of Glasgow I would think. Thanks Kenneth McAlpine
- Kenneth Mcalpine (, Gig Harbor, United States of America (USA)

20 July 2007:
My stepmother was from Ayr, Annbank, Scotland. I am looking for Mark, and Michael Townsend. They are both over 40 yrs. old. They have a sister Ann who is married. My brother Eric and Mark look very much a like. My stepmother died in 1983 and we have not heard from them since then. Not sure if they are still there, but if anyone knows them, could you please pass this e-mail along.
-, Orangeburg, United States of America (USA)

06 July 2007:
July 5, 2007
Hi. Just found this website and what a wonderful find. I am trying to do some research on the Leslie's. I was wondering if anyone had information on a Malcom Leslie. It would go back to the year 1066. He was a personal guard for the queen. Any other information would be appreciated as well. Thank you.
- Carol Rebman (, Hamilton, United States of America (USA)

17 June 2007:
Please can anyone help. We are desperately trying to locate a my childrens' grandfather's birth certificate. He name is Michael John Callaghan. Born 19 April 1919. Baptised at St. Margaret's Orchardhead, Rosyth. Father: Commander Cyril Callaghan, RN. Can anyone tell me how I can get in contact with the current Chaplain on St. Margaret's as they may be able to assist me.

Many thanks
- Muriel Brink (

22 April 2007:
I posted this request before but have changed my address since then I would be interested if anyone is related to a family named Bradshaw who lived in Coatbridge.There were two members of the family who were footballers.I have a photo album which may interest decendants of this family.
- May Lindsay (
- May Lindsay (

11 April 2007:
Looking for family information RE: George Burr, born 1843 - Died 1924 and buried in "Fyvie Kirkyard" Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; married Elizabeth (?) Burr, June 14, 1866. He was Master Blacksmith in Fyvie. Had the following children: George, Sarah, Jane, William, and Alexander Burr, born 1882 Died 1940, Maine, USA. 1851 list George Burr (1843) as living with Grandfather George Beaverly (born about 1798), Master Blacksmith at Fyvie and/or Tifty; wife: Sarah Beaverly. Possible that George was the child of William and Agnes (Beaverly) Burr 1851 Census states William was an Ag Lab (????) They had listed as children in 1851: Agnes, age 5 and William 11 mos. 1871 census list a William Burr living with George Burr (grandfather) age 21, Blacksmith.
- Stephen Burr (

02 April 2007:
Hi there -

I am trying to let as many people as possible know about the Glasgow
Duck Race for KidsCharities ...

It will be held at the end of the Glasgow River Festival and we are
hoping to have between 10,000 and 20,000 yellow plastic ducks
suspended from the new Squinty Bridge.

It costs just #5 to adopt a duck on ... and
there is a bright yellow car for the lucky winner!

We hope to raise at least #40,000 for young people in Scotland. As a
completely volunteer charity, every penny raised goes straight to the

You could be our lucky duck ... details on

Please support us - we are relying on it!!

Thanks, Caroline x

- Caroline Mcfarlan (

23 March 2007:
Thank you I have just found your page and would like to find the village of Drumgoon we have known for a long time of its existance .I believe it is in the highlands of scotland but have not been able to find a map with it on I have spoken to two people who have driven through it while on holiday in the U.K. My husband Philip is originally from England And his grandfather was born at the steps in Glasgow .His fathers name was Sydney but he does not know his grandfathers name we would like to make contact with anyone with the name drumgoon or relative as we do not haveanyone other than imediate family .Now we have found this site we will definetly be visiting regularly thank you pat and philip
- Patricia Drumgoon (, Hamley Bridge , Australia

21 February 2007:
Hello. I am interested in the village of Kintillo. According to some OPR baptismal records I had ancestors from that area during 1600s to early 1700s with the surname Lennox.
- Lawrence Lennox (

07 January 2007:
I have recently purchased a Scottish Calender and on the month covering Eileen Donnan Castle the word doric appears behind the name . What does that signify ?

05 December 2006:
I have just came a cross this wonderfull page,,i would love to know about my family,as my parents were,nt to open about our history i thought i would start looking myself,my mother was a magregor/mccaig, welsh,(FAMILY ) agnes one of three children two of which died very young, my grandfather donald mccaig,(uknow father)grandmother agnes macgregor,they lived in bonner street glasgow in the late 19,s.if anyone knew them or can help in futher information,would be greatly welcome,,
- Deborah Fuchs (

13 November 2006:

Hi friends, this is a long shot.

I am looking for a friend of mine from Edinburgh,His name is Goerge Crawford and lives or used to within the last 5 years at 18/4 Dumbryden Garden ,Wester Hailes Edinburgh EH142NL, He is now married to Kate and has 2 boys, Darrell and Craig both late 20`s. I also have a contact telelphone, but something went wrong and the reciever of the telephone numbers is not my friend Goerge :(

There cannot be many Goerge crawford, I have checked, so my hopes are high of finding him, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP.

Please, if you are reading this and lives in Wester hailes, can you please start asking poeple for A Goerge Crawford and tell him, I need him to call me at (0356) 21494118.

Thank you for any forth coming help

- Raymond Borg (, St.Venera, Malta

08 November 2006:
- Joanne Robertson (

29 October 2006:
hello out there.My great great grandfather is Samuel Bruce (Born 1828) he married a Rebecca Holland (Born 1833) in 1854. I was wondering if anybody has any information on who my great great great grandparents are? As I can't seem to find any information on them. I know that Samuel and Rebecca lived in Thame, Oxford. I also know that one of their many sons and daughters, Martha Rebecca worked as the head housekeeper in Eglington Castle, Scotland. She was born in 1855 and married a Mr Jack Berriman. Please if you have any information let me know as I will be very very grateful for your help.
- Elizabeth Davies (

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