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"The most comprehensive work on the Geography of Scotland for 100 years"

Especially selected and re-edited from the Gazetteer for Scotland web site, "Scotland: An Encyclopedia of Places and Landscape" has been personally compiled by David Munro, Director of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, and Bruce Gittings of the University of Edinburgh. It is an authoritative, comprehensive gazetteer with over 8,400 entries on cities, towns and villages, mountains, lochs and rivers, visitor attractions and monuments throughout the nation. Entries places their subject in an appropriate historical, geological or environmental context, providing essential information of interest to a wide range of potential users. The book starts with an introductory essay on the Landscapes of Scotland, taking the reader from the geological beginnings of the country to the urban and rural landuse of the modern-day. There is also an extensive glossary of terms and a detailed bibliography. Street plans are provided for over 100 main towns and cities, as are maps of each administrative area, spread throughout the book. There is a fully indexed full-colour atlas, providing a wealth of extra cartographic information. 550pp. Support the project by buying our book here. Best price available.

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